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Veritas Academy Honors Albright With ‘Leader by Example’ Award

BURLINGTON, N.C. (December 29, 2010) – Andy Albright, President and Chief Executive Officer of National Agents Alliance, was presented with the “Leader By Example” award from the Veritas Institute Sports Academy at the company’s headquarters.

Albright, who spent time with the team earlier this season, has continued to stay in touch with the Veritas Academy to see how things are going on and off the field.

Jahmal Kelly and Mike Harrington, two Veritas Warriors players, presented Albright with a game-worn jersey signed by the team and coaches and thanked him for his efforts in mentoring them.

“That is awesome; I love it,” Albright said. “Warriors! That’s what I like to hear.”

The academy gives players a chance to play junior college football after high school without moving to the Midwest or West Coast, where most of the country’s JUCO programs are located. While extending their football careers, the student-athletes attend classes at Guilford Technical Community College and earn credit toward an Associate of Arts degree.

“Andy is a leader in his family and he’s a leader here and for us, so we want to present you with a game-worn jersey for being a leader by example in every way,” Veritas coach Jim Beck said. “This is our leaders by example award and it’s been signed by all our guys and we thank you for being a leader across the board.”

The football team consists of 26 players, mostly from area high schools. The mission of the academy is to help in developing student-athletes spiritually, socially, academically, emotionally and physically by providing a Christian education in a traditional, college-preparatory setting.

Alan Hooker, a former North Carolina A&T standout and member of the Dallas Cowboys, is the program’s athletic director and an assistant coach. He said Albright’s commitment to helping young people solidified what the academy is trying to do.

“The first thing we teach the guys from the start is that the thing that will change your life is the books you read and the people you meet,” Hooker said. “We don’t guarantee them that they can go on and do all these great things but we tell them we will try to introduce them to people that will change their lives. Andy is one of those guys.

“We plan to have them read a book called The Millionaire Next Door and the message is that you never know who you are bumping into. If you look at Andy Albright and see him out in public, you wouldn’t know that he has this status. When he talks to you he’s just a regular guy with a great sense of humor, which is great for our guys because they’ve never met anybody like him before. It’s going to be a great relationship for us. As he continues to pour into them the things that we try to beat in their head, he really gives them a target to shoot for. They can see him living it out and he is the kind of guy that they can aspire to be.”

Kelly and Harrington have been reading Albright’s book The 8 Steps to Success and have implemented some of the steps into their daily lives and with their teammates. The team has adapted the book as a learning tool and will continue to use the book each season.

“Being around Mr. Andy has taught me that if you are doing what you need to do in life then you can go a long way,” said Kelly, who played for Winston-Salem Parkland in high school. “In his book, he gives you eight steps to lead you on the right path and help you grow into a better person overall. It’s been an honor to be around somebody like him because it’s not every day that you have a chance to meet someone in his position that can help you.”

Harrington, who played for Raleigh Enloe High School, said when you read Albright’s book you can relate to most of the content.

“You can learn from all of it,” Harrington said. “I loved when he was talking about reading and how the world’s secrets are in the library. That was big for me. When you think about it, it’s dead on.”

“I really like the fact that he works a lot in the community and takes time out of his busy schedule to show that he does care about other people. There are people out there in his position that are only out to get their own and he actually cares about other people and not just himself. That means a lot to me.”


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