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Are you looking for something that’s really different? When it comes to our leads, National Agents Alliance owns the entire process. All the way from data research to mailing, we handle the whole process ourselves – in house. We have a vested interest in our leads, our agents’ success, so we don’t rely on an outside company to generate them. Yes, you read that right:

We own the entire lead generation process, from data research to mailing.

Have you ever called your lead generation company only to have the representative not know why you have called? Or discover that several other agents in your area have been sold the exact same lead as you? Are your leads generated using bait and switch tactics that fool the potential client into a sales attempt? Or are they simply names and addresses that all require door knocking in order to sell? Maybe they are of such poor quality that you are only able to close one or two out of twenty.

Why do so many insurance companies who get into the lead business try and fail? It’s because of the philosophy that it is only a simple process of downloading data electronically from some source. The problem is that the data they get represents only a small fraction of the possible population of lead data that exists.

These are the very things that NAA has eliminated from our lead generation process. Other companies use multiple subcontractors for the process. Not being in control of their lead program allows them to lay the blame on those companies if you experience issues with closing or the sales process. Since National Agents Alliance owns the entire process – from directly hiring court researches to owning the printing machines and mail house facilities – we are totally accountable for every aspect of the lead generation process.

Our leads are only available to our agents/agency partners that are members of The Alliance and are not sold on the open market. We do not sell our leads or data to any other company to generate additional revenue. We are not in the business of creating profit from selling leads – we are in the business of making profits from working those leads. We have the most comprehensive lead generation program in the industry. Much of what we do is proprietary and cutting edge in getting our agents in front of buying customers.

The buck stops here when it comes to generating leads for our agents.

This is why our leads are the highest quality, freshest most qualified leads in the industry – NO ONE ELSE IN THIS BUSINESS CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM! Click here to check out one of our leads. While it may look like others out there, the process used to generate it, as described above, is completely different. This particular lead format has proven extremely effective in getting the best responses, which is why it will be familiar, but the key is not the appearance, it’s the work behind it. The key is in how fresh that name on the lead is; it’s in how many other agents got that same lead that you are competing against; it’s what kind of quantities that need to be worked to make one sale?

The key to having quality leads is the company and process behind each and every one: National Agents Alliance – the largest and most successful association of agents and agencies in the country!

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