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Sales System

The National Agents Alliance Sales System is a revolutionary way of doing business that emphasizes the value of YOUR time, not the client’s.  This unique system is the key to opening the door to a path that elevates you into the position of a consultant—not a life insurance salesperson.

National Agents Alliance is blessed with an outstanding leads system that generates quality leads for our agents. When our agents receive our leads, it is guaranteed that the lead is actively seeking insurance and is going to sign along the dotted line. It’s as simple as that!

When meeting with clients it is clearly laid out what you will be accomplishing that evening: finding out your client’s needs and finding a product that best fits those needs and budget. In that meeting, the client is also going to fill out an application and write out a check for the first month premium.

In fact, our clients are so eager to get started that they already have their checkbooks out and are inquiring on whom to make the check out to and how much.

Even experienced agents who are new to NAA are surprised and impressed with the systematic qualification filter used to differentiate the prospects from the suspects. But even the prospects aren’t technically “prospects,” because they are already committed buyers when you schedule your meeting.

Can you imagine a system where you can go out on 5 to 7 appointments in a week, each lasting about 45 minutes and closing 95%? Well, NAA has it!

Because of NAA’s program and its time efficiency attributes, it allows working mothers and fathers to make money and still have time to spend with their family.

Our comprehensive training system, comprised of training seminars, tapes, nationwide teleconferences, periodic meetings, etc. is all at no cost to you!

But, not everyone who gets started with National Agents Alliance is successful. This is why…

At the end of the day, if you are seeking a business opportunity that allows you to spend more time with your family, or just trying to make more money with less free time, either way NAA is the right opportunity for you.

Quit wasting your valuable time. Get on board with us and start making money NOW!

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