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National Agents Alliance only offers the best of the best when it comes to products in our industry. Our products endure a rigid and systematic evaluation before we determine which insurance carriers our agents will do business with. We not only ensure that our products are A.M. Best rating, we also evaluate them on the company’s service to both the client and the agent. In addition, we consider the depth and breadth of products that a carrier can provide for its policy holders.

It is well known in our industry that National Agents Alliance is the fastest growing marketing organization of our kind. This has put us in the driver’s seat, allowing us to choose only the best carriers and products for our agents.

NAA is not seeking to contract a hundred different carriers; instead we focus our efforts and loyalty to only a few select, top companies. By doing so, we are able to maintain our focus on high demand and high performance products. This allows our agents to easily learn those product lines and what will work best for their clients, while making their business easy to manage.

We have a product to fit any client’s needs and situation, from mortgage protection products to universal life programs; from basic term annuities to everything in between. If you’re worried that there may be something better out there, don’t bother; chances are we have already done the leg work to compare companies and products and have found that their products were not a good enough fit for our agents and clients.

At NAA it doesn’t take days or even weeks to issue a policy, some of our products can be issued in several hours. You can actually submit an application on Monday and get it approved and issued paid by Friday, with an entire advanced commission deposited in your account by Wednesday of the following week. While this is product specific, our fully underwritten policies can be issued within just a few weeks. If APS is required, the issue times can get longer—sometimes four to six weeks. Just imagine if 75 percent of your written business is mostly the faster issue products though, such as non-medical types. You are getting coverage for your clients faster, and you are receiving a return on your work faster. A great all around process, right? Just think how good life could be.

It may sound too good to be true that you can hold five to seven 45-minute appointments a week booked from our leads, close 95 percent of your appointments with a sale and turn the application in and get commissioned on the full advance by the next week; but our agents do it all the time! Now, we ask you—do you want to get in on the action?

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