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Zimbabwe’s Bishop Manhanga to speak at Lamb’s Chapel

Bishop Manhanga, J.L. Williams and Andy Albright

BURLINGTON, N.C. – Bishop Trevor Manhanga journeyed half way around the world to visit with people across North Carolina this week. On Wednesday, Jan. 28, Manhanga will be speaking at Lamb’s Chapel at 7 p.m. Admission is free and the event is open to the public.

Earlier this week, Manhanga delivered the keynote address for National Agents Alliance at its National Convention in Raleigh, N.C. On Monday, Manhanga met with officials at North Carolina State University’s Albright Entrepreneur Village, which is named after NAA President and CEO Andy Albright and his wife, Jane. Albright is a member of the board of directors for the Entrepreneurship Initiative and a graduate of N.C. State.

Manhanga’s appearance at Lamb’s Chapel comes on the heels of National Agents Alliance partnering to donate hundreds of goats through a partnership with New Directions International and its founder JL Williams during a mission trip to Africa in August of 2014.

“Life by its nature presents obstacles,” Manhanga said. “An obstacle-free life doesn’t exist. What we need to be able to do is to overcome those obstacles. There is no obstacle that is too big that both me and you, and God can’t handle.”

Manhanga’s professional career started in banking back in 1981, but he felt God was calling him to do greater things and enrolled in ministry school in Zimbabwe in 1982. Since then, Manhanga has preached the gospel in what he considers the most rewarding experience of his life. With the support of his wife, Charmaine and their five children (Ernest, Zoe, Trevor Jr., Charissa and Christopher), the Manhangas are truly making a difference in the lives of people, communities and nations all over the world.

Beyond spreading the gospel, Manhanga has been vital in mediation and peacemaking during some of the most troubled political and economic years in the history of Zimbabwe. His voice of reason has helped keep his country from the kind of political anarchy and tribal genocide seen in many African countries. Manhanga is a regular contributor of articles in the press as well as a speaker/presenter/facilitator at workshops and seminars in the field of HIV/AIDs, Peace and Justice, Human Rights and Democracy, Business Ethics and religious matters.

Albright said Manhanga will inspire people to make a difference in the lives of others.

“When you hear him speak, you will be excited by his message,” Albright said. “I hope there is a huge turnout for the event and we look forward to spending the evening with Bishop Trevor and the people at Lamb’s Chapel.”


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